Major TV Channels in Cyprus

Listed below are the main television channels on the island of Cyprus with a short description on what each channel is all about. ANT1 Cyprus ANT1 which is pronounced Antenna was established in 1993.

Cypriot Television By satellite

Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (CyBC) is used to transmit a daily programmes; average eight hours in length, using the satellite Sirius II, covering Europe, North America and the Middle East. The remaining time CyBC transmits television photographs of landscapes in the island of Cyprus, and plays the sound broadcast of CyBC's Third Programme.

Cypriot TV Advertisement-Positive and Negative Consequences

There is a view that today private live of Cypriot people is greatly influenced by the media. They are everywhere now in newspapers, magazines, internet, radio and on TV. Daily million ads and television commercials inundate our lives.

Positive Gains and Major Impacts of Cyprus TV

Though in the present days the relationship of television with the family had been huge and created many of problems in present day life of the families, still it had helped the families in many ways! Women by watching TV can learn plenty ways of making new food dishes which they can like better for their lunch, breakfast and dinner.

Television And Education

The concern for the effects that watching television has on a child’s academic ability has increased as the amount of time that children spend watching television has increased. Research shows that on average children watch approximately 4 hours of television per day..