Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (CyBC) is used to transmit a daily programmes; average eight hours in length, using the satellite Sirius II, covering Europe, North America and the Middle East. The remaining time CyBC transmits television photographs of landscapes in the island of Cyprus, and plays the sound broadcast of CyBC's Third Programme. By Internet Use

The CyBC provides to public programmes from online programmes for Cyprus. Information, sports, entertainment and other programmes are broadcast as follows:

  • Live transmission of the Satellite Television Programme- Evening News Bulletin at 20.00
  • News Bulletin on CyBC 1 at 18.00 and 23.00
  • From Day to Day- Cyprus Hour
  • CyBC 2 News at 19.00 and 22.00
  • News in English
  • News in Turkish
  • Saturday Sports
  • Sunday Sports
  • Highlights and Goals Monday Sports
  • Sports Hour on Tuesday
  • Dialogue
  • Discussion Programme
  • Cyprus close to you
  • '7 days Cyprus' Online CyBC programmes are available and accessible to all Internet users.  

CYPRUS SAT - Detailed television programme

The Cyprus SAT programme provides all the live and recorded productions of the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation including the official News Bulletins in Greek, English and Turkish, stock exchange information, telemarketing programmes, local and cultural programmes, entertainment, live sports coverage and sports programmes, drama series and plays, Cypriot sketches, documentaries and children's programmes. Themes of the Overseas Cypriots in Great Britain life are especially arranged on a regular basis for the programme 'Cyprus Hour'. The Cyprus SAT also includes productions from the private owned Cypriot TV channels such as 'MEGA' (former “LOGOS”) and 'SIGMA', such as Greek and Cypriot theatrical productions, Cypriot TV series and documentaries, religious programmes, teleshopping and telemarketing and children's programmes.   CyBC organizes two weekly half-hour programmes: 1) 'Cyprus close to you', which directly refers to the most important weekly events concerning cultural, social and sports, and the

2) '7 days Cyprus' concerning the weekly with the political events in Cyprus.  The Satellite Television Programme starts at 06.30 a.m. from Monday to Friday with the programme “The First Good morning”. The Cyprus SAT broadcast again at 12.00 which is suitable time for Cypriot people in Europe. The Satellite Programme times are:

06.30 - 1.30 Monday to Friday

14.00 - 1.00 Saturday to Sunday