There is a view that today private live of Cypriot people is greatly influenced by the media. They are everywhere now in newspapers, magazines, internet, radio and on TV.

Daily million ads and television commercials inundate our lives. Many people may watch the commercials and think that it cannot be so dangerous but they are wrong. Commercials have their positive side but they can be bad for us also.

Some of the good things about commercials are that we have the chance to be updated daily on various topics which concern us. Commercials give the chance to people to be aware of various products, product prices and the market place. The ads put color in our lives and our entertaining. They inform us about new products in the market and they entertain us.

Unfortunately, we slowly become dependent on advertising products or services and start buying services or products which we don’t really need. We stop caring about other issues, they lead us to consumerism and the only thing that is important to us is buying more and more things.

Many series on television constantly interrupted to serve ads and this is very disturbing for the Cypriot viewer.

Hopefully over time people will understand that advertising is good but in moderation.