Though in the present days the relationship of television with the family had been huge and created many of problems in present day life of the families, still it had helped the families in many ways!

Women by watching TV can learn plenty ways of making new food dishes which they can like better for their lunch, breakfast and dinner.

Children and families can learn lots of things, which in return can help them for their general knowledge. Men and boys can also watch football matches without going to stadiums!

People which are watching TV can advertise on it and get gains for their business. They can also watch news from the whole globe through media. TV helps people to forget their daily problems and smile.

Main Impacts of TV: Television is one of the biggest influences of kids' lives. A Cyprus survey showed that kids both boys and girls are been affected daily by the countless hours they spend watching TV and this depends on many factors like : how many hours they watch TV, their age , whether they watch alone or with parents, their personality and whether their parents talk with them about what they watch daily on TV.

So to reduce the negative effects of television, it's important to analyze and understand what the impact of television can be on children. The past two decades, hundreds of studies have showed how violent programming on TV, affects children and young people. Increased fear, also known as the 'mean and scary world' syndrome, particularly on girls which are portrayed as victims of violence on TV, and this can make them afraid of the world around them.

Watching TV many hours per day, many kinds of diseases are been caused to the family members. Hundred of reports from newspapers show us that most of the heart attacks are causing from the obesity.

The violence part in movies, make some people to be violence in home or in society also and this is very bad!

The concentration power of human brain gets destroyed watching TV all day long and many kids and people cannot concentrate on their studies as well as on business matters and on official matters.

Relationship of TV with family at one side gives families many goods but on the other side it gives the families mostly bad effects. I would recommend that people should watch TV less hours always by protecting their children from any impacts.