Listed below are the main television channels on the island of Cyprus with a short description on what each channel is all about.

ANT1 Cyprus

ANT1 which is pronounced Antenna was established in 1993. It is a fee terrestrial television channel that is in part owned by ANT1 Greece and it generally screens international, Greek and some locally produced programs.

Alpha TV

This is a premium television service in Cyprus. Alpha shows Children and sports programming as well as occasionally showing old films. It was launched in 1998 and is owned by Alfa TV Ltd. Alpha TV is one of two services for which you pay. Alpha TV has a programming agreement with the other paid television service.


This channel is Cyprus’s sixth free to air television channel available which was launched in 2006. It is in cooperation with the Greek channel Alter and therefore will also show several of the programs from the Alter channel.

Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation

This is the public broadcasting service of Cyprus that transmits all over the island through two television stations as well as four radio stations. The main mission of this channel is to provide objective information, culture and entertainment for the people in Cyprus. It is a non profit organization where all of the income generated is put back into the main mission.

Lumiere TV

More commonly known as LTV it was established in 1993 and is owned by LTV Group Ltd. LTV broadcasts hit television series as well as blockbuster movies. This is the second of the two only channels in Cyprus that need to be paid for. The programming agreement held between these two services ensures that they both receive a good sized audience without having to compete for them.


This channel used to be named 'o Logos' (The World) and was completely owned by the Church of Cyprus until 1999.

The Mega Channel but commonly known as Mega TV was the second private television channel to launch in Cyprus. It is a channel that has been long dedicated to broadcasting Cypriot and Greek programs, children, foreign and church oriented programs.

The Mega station is located in Nicosia and its signal can be received from all over Cyprus. Mega is also available via the internet as well as being carried on digital cable systems.

Sigma TV

This channel is a commercial network and commenced broadcasting in Cyprus in 1995. Sigma is a private service and is currently rated the second channel in Cyprus. This channel is aimed at and focuses on a younger audience. It is a general entertainment service that shows children, sport, news programs as well as many others. It shows a mixture of original programs as well as some popular foreign programs.