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Friday, 24 Oct 2014
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Cyprus TV is a portal updated daily by the most popular Cyprus Television Channels. The Cyprus Television Schedule features all the major Cyprus TV Channels, such as: Pik1, Pik2, Sigma, ANT1, Mega, CyBC 1, CyBC 2, NET, LTV and Alpha TV. Get up to date on all the latest news as it happens here in Cyprus. Find out more about the Cyprus News, Cyprus Government, Cyprus Events, and so on. Stay informed on international current events, social issues as well as local events and attractions taking place in Cyprus, while never missing any of your favorite television shows! Cyprus TV showcases popular TV shows, Cyprus Sports and family programming. Keep tuned in to Cyprus TV!

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Friday October 24, 2014

05:25   Alithini Agapi (E)
06:10   Adamasti Kardia (E)
07:00   Protoselido
08:40   Eleni
09:30   Pame Paketo (E)
11:00   Efta Ouranoi (E)
11:45   Mesimeri Kai Kati
14:10   Orkos Siopis (E)
15:00   Anixtoi Grammi
17:05   Akou ti Eipan (E)
17:50   Alithini Agapi
18:00   Ta Gegonota Se Synotmia
18:10   Alithini Agapi
18:50   Adamasti Kardia
19:40   Efta Ouranoi kai Sinnefa Alites
20:25   Tomes Sta Gegonota
21:30   Pame Paketo
23:00   7 Ouranoi (E)
23:40   Gegonota Se Titlous
23:50   Akou Ti Eipan (E)
00:40   Istories Tou Astinomou Mpeka (E)
01:30   Mesimeri Kai Kati (E)
03:45   Anoikti Grammi (E)
06:00   Filodoksies (E)
06:30   Ta Psarka (E)
06:50   Kalimera Kypros (E)
09:00   To Daktilidi Tis Fotias (E)
10:00   Mega Se Mia
13:00   Enimerosi Tora
14:00   Exeis Meson
16:00   Gia Sena
18:20   Eidisis
18:30   Una Fatsa
19:30   Tin Tuxi Mou Mesa
20:20   Eidisis
21:20   To Daxtulidi tis Fotias
22:20   Mana X Ouranou (E)
23:10   Tin Tyxi Mou Mesa (E)
00:00   Teleutea Gegonota
00:10   Singles (E)
01:00   Aerines Siopes (E)
02:00   Gia Sena (E)
04:00   Exeis Meson (E)
07:00   Proti Enimerosi
09:30   Kaftes Piperies (E)
10:00   Kali Sas Mera
11:30   Spiti Stin Fisi (E)
12:00   Apo Mera Se Mera
15:00   Istories Tou Chorkou (E)
15:30   Mazi Sto RIK
17:00   Entecnos
18:00   Eidiseis
18:15   Kaftes Piperies (E)
18:45   Posa Ksereis
19:30   Patates 10
20:00   Eidisis
21:05   Petrino Potami
22:00   Wild Target
23:00   Eidisis
23:15   ...Sinechia
00:00   Epanalipseis Programmaton
07:00   Pediki Zoni
08:30   Omorfi Mera
10:30   Gefseis Stin Fisi
11:30   Tileagora
12:30   The Frech Prince Of BelAir
13:00   Pediki Zoni
15:00   Kouiz Fun
16:20   Tileagora
17:25   Entheto
17:45   10' Deltio Eidiseon
18:00   Omorfi Mera Best Of
19:15   Chef Ston Aera
20:00   10' Lepto Deltio Eidiseon
20:15   Ntokimanter
21:10   Free Willy
23:00   The Exonerated
00:30   Epanalipsis
07:00   Euronews
09:00   Manolis Kai Katina (E)
10:00   Petrino Potami (E)
11:00   Firdin Migdin (E)
12:00   Pediki Zoni
16:00   Caitlin's Way
16:30   Even Stevens
17:00   Posa Ksereis
17:30   The Art Of Speach
18:00   Ntokimanter
19:00   Biz/Emeis
19:50   Eidisis (English)
20:00   Eidisis (Turkish)
20:10   Kaftes Piperies (E)
21:00   Choris Aposkeves (E)
22:30   Giorni Da Leone
00:10   Filmakia KEPA
00:20   Edisis Stin Aggliki Kai Tourkiki
00:40   Epanalipsi Programmatos

Disclaimer: CyprusNet has taken every reasonable effort to ensure the accuracy of the TV program guide. The content is provided by third parties, therefore, TV schedules, program names and other facts may not be accurate or change without prior notice.

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